Do you also need secure and fast hosting?

With the online newspaper Slovenes in England, we have been hosting a company from Slovenia right from the start, where their super technical team arranges and answers our every question. They were also the first in Slovenia to install SSDs on their servers. They also use high-end server equipment that is very clearly displayed on their website. They can also provide you with the cheapest domain registration in Slovenia, and they also offer SSL security certificates, an online e-mail hosting space and the like.

Since we've seen an increase in visits to our web portal in recent weeks, After consulting with the NEOSERV team, we upgraded our hosting package. We decided to TURBO a package designed for the most demanding websites with high visitor traffic. This makes loading our pages even faster with their help.

Why in the flood of providers in London did we choose NEOSERV from Slovenia?

The decision to choose NEOSERV was mainly influenced by the following:

  • A convincing native language technical team.
  • Answer the problem, problem or question immediately! Even if we write to them at night or on holidays! So 24/XNUMX support throughout the year.
  • Advanced website and webmail security.
  • CPanel dashboard, which is really easy to manage.
  • The incredibly fast servers they have in Slovenia.

The NEOSERV teams are so very trusted to have them recommend We recommend even to our partners in Slovenia and worldwide.

Briefly about NEOSERV hosting

For those of you who are not most familiar with the web hosting service, let us say that it is a lease of space on a server that is continuously connected to the World Wide Web. Websites, web shops, e-mail, etc. are set up on the server.

The most important features of web hosting are:

  • Reliability: Websites must be accessible at all times without any downtime.
  • Security: Intrusion, viruses, spam, etc. must be prevented with advanced protection.
  • Speed: This is an extremely important feature as it is essential for websites to function as quickly as possible.

We can no doubt write that he is a team NEOSERV perfectly met all three criteria of quality hosting.

Otherwise, they offer packages to the said provider shared hostingwhich are targeted at the vast majority of websites and stores. In addition, it is available TURBO hosting, which we have decided with us and are really excited about. They also provide Reseller hostingfor resale. For those of you who only need email space, they have put together packages email hosting.

Why did we also register the domain with NEOSERV?

A domain is a name on the web, so what we have to type in the URL bar of the browser is to visit a particular web page. In our case, we have registered the domain slovencivangliji.comyou are just on. However, the fact that we registered it with NEOSERV is not the only reason that they offer a guaranteed one the lowest price per domain registration in Slovenia, but the advantage is that we have all the services under the same roof.

Above all, this would highlight the user interface My NEOSERV, which makes it easy to manage your leased services. Any DNS server can be logged on to the domain, cPanel dashboard can easily be accessed, domain information can be modified, edited, and invoices can be paid differently ...

To summarize again, we are above the NEOSERV team excitedbecause:

  • have extremely friendly and quick response support,
  • Web pages on their servers run incredibly fast,
  • we know we can always rely on them.

If you are looking for a reliable provider yourself, we strongly recommend NEOSERV!

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