Yes means Yes

On March 8, representatives of the Institute presented a proposal to redefine the crime of rape and sexual violence according to the "yes means yes" model in Maribor today. They are satisfied with the process of collecting signatures so far, and with the campaign they are trying to spread the debate on the unacceptability of sexual violence in addition to introducing legislative changes.
Harassment and violence in the field of sexuality have recently been the subject of numerous conversations in Slovenia. The reason for this is certainly the confession of actress Mia Skrbinac, who drew the public's attention to the sexual harassment of one of the professors at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Television and Film. A worrying fact, however, is that she is not the only one who has encountered such problems during her studies.
The Institute, on March 8, therefore decided to collect signatures demanding a change in the legislation in the field of rape and other forms of sexual violence under the motto "yes means yes".
As the "yes means yes" campaign is currently active, it is a mistake for the public to conclude that these are acute problems of society.
Warning the public about the problems of sexual violence is only the beginning of the path, because even when adopting a bill, society must take it for granted.
The "yes means yes" bill is supposed to relieve victims of a moral sense of guilt. In today's legal system, victims have to prove that they resisted the rapist, which is very difficult to confirm with certainty from a legal point of view. At the same time, the model clearly communicates that any body without absolute consent is absolutely inviolable.

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