Weak tourist season

Minister of the Economy Zdravko Počivalšek emphasized that tourist vouchers had saved our tourist economy. With this measure, they enabled him almost half a billion euros, but in practice the use is limited to tourist-developed places.

The Travel Association of Slovenia has joined the joint promotional campaign of the Slovenian Tourist Board "Now is the time" and operates under the common slogan "With a voucher for the longest vacation".

In tourist places, vouchers have, as expected, helped save the season, but it is different in cities. They suggested to the Ministry of the Economy that the vouchers could be used for other services. He answers the question of when the situation in tourism will return to normal, despite heavy losses.

Trends in tourism will change. Namely, mass tourism will withdraw from intimacy - holidays in small groups, strengthening hygiene and favoring tourism products that involve less interaction between people. And this is where the opportunity arises to take advantage of natural resources and offer sustainable tourism on new foundations.

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