UKC is entering Phase 4

The Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia has sent a call to the Ministry of Health to transfer less burdened health personnel to help social welfare institutions.

According to the crisis plan, in the event of a virus outbreak in their institution, the social welfare institutions will start preparing the white, red and gray zones within 24 hours. There were no major problems in establishing gray zones, but the story is different when it comes to providing red zones within institutions.

Already in the summer, the Community, together with the co-signatories: the Community of Protection and Work Centers Slovenia, Amnesty International Slovenia and the Spominčica Association, addressed an initiative to the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Ministry of Health requesting external isolation units. sick residents.

During the summer months, there was a lot of talk from all those in charge about the preparations for the 2nd, autumn wave of the epidemic.

According to the Community of Social Institutions of Slovenia, the creation of a list of health workers and the creation of regional centers would be a necessary short-term solution in order for institutions to better cope with the phenomenon of covid-19 in their institution.

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