Ruške čete Street will get a new look

This year, the budget of the Municipality of Ruše also includes the investment of renovation of Ruška Company Street. It is a 340-meter-long street that is in poor condition and in dire need of renovation.
The investment will be fully covered from the budget. The municipality of Ruše wants to complete the project of building the missing sewerage network by the end of 2022. therefore, the regulation of the issue of wastewater discharge and treatment. This will ensure that the condition of the entire network improves.
In the following, citizens will also be invited to the conceptual design so that they can submit their ideas to the idea, which will be taken into account in the project itself.
Budget funds for ensuring and improving the condition of the sewerage network have been provided for this year. The funds were earmarked for the preparation of project documentation and the construction of new sewer lines or the replacement of dilapidated ones. In August, the tender documentation for the public procurement under the small value procurement procedure was published on the municipal website, namely Kanalizacija Ulica Ruške čete. The central street of Ruš will soon get a new, friendlier look.

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