The night the violins fell silent

On the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Nazi Genocide against the Roma and Sinti, a memorial event "The Night the Violins Shut Up" was organized on the Jewish Square in Maribor. Unlike the Holocaust, the tragedy against the Jews, we know little about the Holocaust against the Roma and Sinti. It is only in recent decades, through scientific research, that figures on the murdered Roma and Sinti have come to the fore.
The event thus marked August 2, the day of remembrance of the victims of the porajmos or. silenced genocide against the Roma. This happened on the night of August 2-3, 1944.
To commemorate this event, for many years now, August 2 has been celebrated internationally as a day of remembrance for the victims of the genocide against Roma and Sinti. The exact number of victims of the porajmos, as the Nazi genocide of Roma and Sinti is called, is unknown. According to some estimates, more than 80 percent of European Roma died under the Nazis.
As part of today's Night when the violins fell silent, a lecture entitled "Genocide against the Roma in the grip of modern populism" was held.
With such events as today's, the organizers - the Center for Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor and Epeka want to draw the public's attention to the victims among the Slovenian Roma and Sinti, whose number is still being determined.

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