The closure of the landfill is expected to bring lower amounts on payment slips

The landfill in Gajke, which came to life after 2002, has not been active for several years. The 18-year-old story around the landfill in the environment leaves severe consequences. There were also a lot of ideas for what we could build in Gajke, with whom we could connect in the garbage business, but most of them stayed with the ideas.
City councilors have overwhelmingly supported the closure, so they will begin procedures to close the landfill.
The existing landfill is expected to be closed in the next three to five years, which, according to initial estimates, will cost Ptuj's taxpayers around 5 million euros. This year, they have close to 750 thousand euros available in the Ptuj budget for these purposes.
The municipality of Ptuj will in the future choose a concessionaire for garbage collection for 20 years, and in accordance with the contract from 18 years ago, concluded with the Jezero City District, it will also fulfill promises to the residents of today's Spuhlja and Jezero neighborhoods.
It should be emphasized that the landfill in Gajke is inactive. Now, the situation has only been formalized with the adoption of a decision, which will, of course, be followed by measures that will have to be taken into account and implemented in order to close the landfill.

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