The biggest problem is inadequate staff

The condition of hospitalized patients in the Maribor Clinical Center is currently; 45 patients in the acute ward, and an additional 14 in the intensive care unit. They believe that the numbers will change very quickly in the coming days and that the capacities currently available will no longer be sufficient.
This means, in the words of the professional director, an extraordinary effort for the entire institution, as they are forced into a large redeployment of staff.
In the future, they expect, unfortunately, a significant lowering of standards in the treatment of patients, primarily due to incompetent staff who are redeployed to the intensive care unit. that is, personnel who are not adequately trained to work in such a department.
The daily influx of covid intensive care is currently 2 to 4 patients a day, which means that intensive care in a good week will be too small and it will be necessary to open additional facilities or. moving the unit to other premises.
The results of the treatment of intensive covid patients in the first wave were extremely good at the University Medical Center Maribor. Survival was 70%, so 30% of patients died, which is a significantly better result than e.g. in Austria or Germany, because this percentage is 50.

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