Saša Gajser threatened with a whip before the derby

In the 24th round of the First League of Telekom Slovenije, the third eternal season between Maribor and Olimpija will be broadcast. After two consecutive draws, the latter again handed over the first place in the standings to the Purples, who, despite a complete change of professional leadership in Sežana, won highly and expect the derby in a positive moment.

Less than 24 hours before the match in Sežana, the club's board of directors announced that Mauro Camoranesi and Oliver Bogatinov were no longer members of the club, and that Saša Gajser and Marko Šuler had taken their places. The so-called "shock therapy" succeeded, and the fans are wondering whether this will be enough for a positive outcome against the rival from Ljubljana.

During Camoranesi's operation, the team changed tactical settings a lot, practically did not start with the same formation on any of the next ones, which may have been a shortcoming, as the players of the automatisms in the game could not switch from week to week.

In the last match, Marcos Tavares played at the peak of the attack, leaving a solid impression in the first half. In the match with Olimpija, which is good especially in the transition of the ball, they will probably not come into play, at most he will enter the field as a reserve.

Gregor Bajde and Andrej Kotnik finally got a more serious opportunity, to which Gajser will pay special attention.

To win against Olimpija, Maribor will need a similar approach and energy as in Sežana. By no means will it be an easy match, especially in the sense that Olimpija has been undefeated in Ljudski vrt since November 17, 2017. Regardless of the result, the championship will not be decided, but it will provide the potential winner with a certain psychological and point advantage.  

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A nursing home soon?

At the beginning of February, the councilors of the municipality of Gorišnica approved the municipal spatial plan (OPN), which opens up numerous possibilities for economic activity and private construction. They considered 125 proposals, of which 49 were approved, including a nursing home that will grow on the former football field.

The wish is to be able to set up a home that could accommodate up to 70 individuals. They want their citizens to be able to spend their old age at home, but not in Croatian homes as is the practice now.

Many of their citizens spend their old age in homes in Croatia. There are 169 family homes in seven Croatian counties along the border with Slovenia, which can accommodate up to 20 people in care and are placed in extra-institutional care by Croatia, and hundreds of Slovenes live in them. The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs granted a concession for 11 homes, but Gorišnica was not among them.

They don’t think about connecting with private individuals. They want the home to be built with municipal funds and state aid. According to optimistic forecasts, the construction of the home would start next year. They are convinced that they urgently need a home for the elderly in the municipality, so they want to realize the investment quickly.

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Milan Krek: "Permanent mortality rates are falling."

Today, the director of the National Institute of Public Health, Milan Krek, responded to the often heard assessments that Slovenia is the country in which the most people die as a result of Covid 19. According to Krek, these are lump sum data that can be easily discarded with statistics. In the coming weeks, Slovenia will be overtaken by quite a few more countries, Krek is convinced.

Milan Krek explained that the mortality trends due to the consequences of covid-19 have been negative in recent weeks, so there is no reason to scare citizens with data that show the situation in Slovenia differently than it really is. Trends in total deaths per million population are also improving.

The relatively high death rates in Slovenia are mainly related to the mortality of residents of old people's homes, while the number of deaths in the general population did not show a significant peak.

The mortality trend is also better in terms of the number of covid diseases detected. Krek also explained that the number of redundant deaths was declining compared to the same period last year.

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Commemoration in memory of the victims of the genocide in Azerbaijan

At the initiative of the Friendship Association between Slovenia and Azerbaijan, a memorial plaque dedicated to the victims of the massacres in the Azerbaijani city of Khojaly was erected in May 2018 in the Park of Memories at the Dobrava Cemetery in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Municipality of Maribor. Today, the third commemoration in memory of the victims of genocide took place at this place.

A commemoration in memory of the genocide in the Azerbaijani city of Khojaly took place today in the Park of Memories at the Dobrava Cemetery near Maribor. For the third year in a row, Slovenia has joined a number of countries where monuments to atrocities from the Middle East are being erected.

Due to the aggravated epidemiological situation, this year's commemoration took place in a significantly more truncated form than would otherwise have been the case in the normalized situation.

The Municipality of Maribor was represented at today's commemoration of the genocide in Azerbaijan by the City Councilor Igor Jurišič, who pointed out the importance of establishing a Park of Memories at the Dobrava Cemetery.

The president of the Friendship Association of Slovenia and Azerbaijan, Andrej Kompara, added that he was extremely pleased with the mutual cooperation and sympathy of Slovenia.
With a memorial plaque to Azerbaijani victims, the state expresses opposition to violence, ethnic, religious or other discrimination. At the same time, with tolerance and mutual respect, each of us must add our share so that such and similar discarded acts are never repeated.

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Farmers threaten with the street

Slovenian farmers are stepping up the pressure due to the increasingly difficult situation. Unfair practices, unsettled conditions in agricultural markets and an increasingly difficult struggle for survival have forced farmers to louder and louder announcements of civil disobedience. Details of how farmers will express their dissatisfaction are expected to be known next week.

The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia also increased the pressure on the government and traders with the decision to establish a protest committee. The situation on the agricultural market is not improving, despite repeated warnings, and farmers are selling their crops well below a reasonable price.

At the beginning of the year, the farmers' union threatened civil disobedience and set a deadline for the government and traders to take action by the end of January. Because this has not happened and because the beginning of more intensive farming is approaching, their dissatisfaction is so much easier to understand.

The way in which farmers will express their dissatisfaction is not yet clear, more will be known next week. However, we can expect scenes we have already seen elsewhere in the world in recent months.

The ministry listens to farmers, but the question is how many they hear. According to the interlocutor, cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture was good at first, but now the assessment of cooperation is much lower.

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Tito's road is gone

As the Constitutional Court wrote in its decision, it concluded in the procedure for examining the initiatives of Franc Vukajč and others and a group of Radenci municipal councilors. Until its final decision, it thus withheld the decree of the municipality of Radenci, by which the municipal council renamed Titova ulica to Cesta osamosvojitve Slovenije on 29 December.
The initiators challenge the mentioned decree because the mayor did not properly publish the proposal to start the procedure for renaming the street and because it was adopted in violation of the law on local self-government, because the initiators filed an initiative to call a subsequent referendum. Councilors Dejan Berić, Norma Bale, Toni Žitek and Drago Kocbek join the proposal, due to major irregularities in the process of adopting the decree and the prevention of further complications.
In December, the municipality of Radenci, in response to the proposal to suspend the execution of the decree, stated that the consequences of the detention would be disproportionate to the consequences that the initiators would suffer. He claims that he should have replaced the signs and road signs again and annul all the proceedings that have started due to the enforcement of the decree.
They even proposed a referendum, the date of which had already been called but not carried out later, despite a call from the Ministry of Public Administration that the legislation does not provide for postponing elections or referendums due to emergencies such as the covida-19 epidemic.
In the present case, the central issue is not the issue of preserving the current street name, but the legal adequacy of the procedure for renaming the street regardless of the new street name chosen, the judges added. According to them, the execution would incur unnecessary costs for both the residents and the municipality, which has not shown why the annulment of the already implemented procedures would mean the occurrence of at least more significant harmful consequences.

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Councilors on real estate, parking and sports

In Maribor, city councilors are sitting today at the 20th regular session of the city council. This time they discuss 9 items on the agenda, among which the most pressing are the recapitalization of Mestne nepremičnine, the decree on granting a concession for the management of temporary parking lots and garages and the decree on the transformation of the public institution Športni objekti Maribor into Šport Maribor doo. city ​​councilors.
At today's meeting, the councilors will approve the recapitalization of Mestne nepremičnine. With the added money, they want to buy a house on the edge of Magdalenski Park and another on Jezdarska Street, as well as real estate in the area of ​​the former Maribor textile factory.
There is also a lot of controversy surrounding the transformation of sports facilities, which have been sinking in the red for several years. With numerous proposals for reorganization, recapitalization and staff changes, the city administration is now proposing its transformation into a limited liability company Šport Maribor doo
Even more controversy is around the decree on the subject and conditions for granting a concession for the provision of local economic public service management of temporary parking lots and garages, with which the city administration wants to turn many free parking lots into paid ones.

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The Municipality of Maribor will acquire the real estate through expropriation

The Municipality of Maribor wants to regulate some degraded areas in the city. There is interest in arranging the wider Magdalena area, an opportunity for new life is also being offered in the area of ​​the former MTT. In order for the revitalization of abandoned buildings and land to succeed, the municipality will have to acquire ownership over them. But it gets complicated.

As part of the construction of an underpass on Ljubljanska cesta under the Maribor-Prevalje railway line, the Municipality of Maribor has started arranging park areas in Magdalenski Park. An integral part of the park is also an abandoned building in the southwest corner of the park, which is in very poor condition. The building is owned by a natural person, and the Municipality of Maribor wanted to buy the property. The owner did not respond to the offer.

According to the municipality, the arrangement of the real estate is also necessary for safety reasons, as the building in its existing condition represents a danger. Not far away, the municipality also wants to buy building land on Jezdarska Street from the Bank Receivables Management Company.

However, this is not the only degraded area that the municipality wants to regulate. The industrial area in Melj is also expected to receive new content. The conclusion of contracts with the BAMC in the municipality is expected at the end of March or the beginning of April.

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10.000 non-profit housing is missing

At a correspondence session this month, councilors of the Municipality of Maribor confirmed this year's business and financial plan of the Public Inter-Municipal Housing Fund Maribor, which will end the year with a deficit. At the same time, there is no municipal money for the construction of non-profit housing, and hopes are placed on an amendment to the Housing Act, which provides for higher non-profit rents, which has already caused a great deal of discontent among tenants.

Some time ago, city councilors received a letter from the artist, sculptor Iztok Maroh, informing them that the rent for a service apartment rented from the Public Inter-Municipal Housing Fund Maribor had doubled. The basis for the increase in rent should be the Rules on Amendments to the Rules on Leasing Office Apartments.

This raises the question of how many business premises owned by IOM have lost their tenants this year, which include either NGOs, social enterprises or market rents.

The covida-19 epidemic also had a significant impact on this area, leading to a situation where demand for various types of housing far exceeds supply.

At the same time, the municipality has probably set too high goals, in terms of rental prices for apartments, business premises or any other type of real estate, especially in these times of crisis, it will be extremely difficult to get tenants at such high prices.

To such accusations, Mayor Saša Arsenovič replied that he would not confuse the free delivery of bars with the problems caused by the epidemic in the economy. Therefore, these matters will be resolved separately, with a desire for financially viable real estate business.  

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In 2024, a new neighborhood will be completed

In the municipality of Hajdina, the budget for 2021 was adopted last June. Most of them are continuing with the projects defined in the strategy for the harmonious development of the municipality, and at the same time they are also hoping for new construction neighborhoods, which will be created right next to the municipal building.

In the municipality of Hajdina, the budget is adopted in the first half of the year, while pursuing goals in accordance with the development strategy. They plan nearly 5,5 million in revenue and 5,3 million in expenses this year.

This year, most of the money is being spent on the renovation of the local primary school, whose energy rehabilitation is already underway. They are also planning to arrange the attic.

This spring, they will start building a new settlement right next to the municipal building, where a new neighborhood of residential houses will be created. 

This year, they are allocating almost 2,5 million euros for investments, which is 46 percent of the total money. 29 percent of the money will be spent on current transfers and 23 percent on current expenses.

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