Support us in 2021 as well!

Support the operation of our newspaper and enable us to operate this year as well!

The epidemic is unfortunately known everywhere. Also with us and our business partners.

In the editorial office, we also applied this year for the tender of the Government Office for Slovenes Abroad, where we applied for funds that would cover the costs of servers and hosting of our websites.

The majority of all our annual costs, if we were to exclude individual editorial projects, are caused by servers and their maintenance, which we need for normal operation due to the size and number of visits to the site. In the past year, we were able to cover these costs with donations from business partners and in the editorial office itself. This year we are somehow because of the epidemic and the knowledge that this year it will count differently on the Office's tender.

Although there were funds in the tender for a good million. No funds were found in it to cover our costs.

Unfortunately, the funds of the office (1000,00 euros) will cover only a part of the costs related to roaming, so we are also contacting you! Our loyal readers.

Call for payment assistance servers and website hosting costs in 2021 *.

* We offer donors constant insight into the funds raised and their use. All information on the use of funds from donations is kept in the editorial office for 24 months from the receipt of the donation. Contact us directly for insight by email.

Even a small contribution means a lot and provides a stable business for our editorial board.

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