There is space, but there is a shortage of staff

Last weekend, the University Clinical Center Maribor confirmed a new coronavirus infection in 11 employees at the internal medicine clinic. In addition, there are about 30 people in self-isolation, and given the growing number of patients with more severe covida-19, the situation is worrying.
Infection with the new coronavirus was transmitted to the employees of the internal medicine clinic from two infected persons who were transported to them from the Danica Vogrinec Home in Maribor due to an urgent condition, not due to covid-19.
No security measures have been released since the cancellation of the epidemic at the Maribor University Medical Center, but given the growing number of infections in the region, it is very, very difficult to prevent admission to the institution.
If the increase in the number of seriously ill patients with covid-19 continues, new measures will be launched, including the establishment of a single entry point to the clinical center and new units for patients with covid-19.
They currently have 20 patients with covid-19 at the University Medical Center Maribor, and three more are in intensive care on ventilators. They have no problems with space, but they have major problems with properly trained staff.
They calculate that in the final phase, a maximum of ten beds would be provided for intensive care of patients with coronavirus disease, and then a Celje hospital would be opened for them.
Covid patients are currently housed in the covid 2 building, and if necessary, the old building of the infectious diseases department will be opened, and a psychiatric floor has also been prepared.

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