Social entrepreneurship in the Podravje region

Social entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship with a great sense of social responsibility and people. Although the European Union emphasizes the importance of a socially conscious economy, we still have less than one percent of social enterprises in Slovenia. We checked how developed social entrepreneurship is in the Podravje region.
Social entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship that is distinguished by three necessary components: an entrepreneurial idea with a contained business model, an organizational structure of the company based on democratic principles, and operating according to the principles of non-profit.
For the most part, social enterprises do not create high added value in financial terms, but they achieve a huge impact (social capital) on the community in which they operate.
An example of good practice is the Koorporativa Dame, whose main one is the development of sustainable tourism and hospitality.
This type of economy is very popular in Europe, with between 7% and 9% of European companies being social enterprises. However, Slovenia does not use these forms of entrepreneurship enough, mainly due to the poorer supportive environment.
It is certainly necessary to emphasize that the greatest challenges of social entrepreneurship are also the greatest advantages. Because social enterprises solve the problems of the community, emerge from it and grow together with people from the very beginning. This is also the best advertisement for a social enterprise.

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