Slovenia: No more quarantine when crossing the border!

After more than two months, the government is surprisingly late Thursday night at a correspondence session canceled the epidemic of coronavirus disease. However, some measures remain in place, as the risk of spreading the new coronavirus infection remains. However, the government prevented the extension of most of the measures under the mega anti-crown law until the end of June.

No other European country has yet announced the end of the epidemic.

The Government also adopted an Ordinance on ordering and implementing measures related to the prevention of the spread of the new virus at border crossings at the external border and at checkpoints at the internal borders of the Republic of Slovenia.
Quarantine is released for all but persons from third countries with some exceptions. Due to a possible infection with the virus (covid-14) at the border, a person who enters the Republic of Slovenia and has permanent or temporary residence in the countries of the European Union and has not left the European Union for more than 19 days is served with instructions from the National Institute of Public Health measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the Government Communication Office said.

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