Sent 323 masks to Slovenes in England

The editorial team Slovenes in England immediately recognized the need for protective equipment during the Koronavirus epidemic, so we started the project “Protective masks for Slovenians in England!” in “Extraordinary: 200 more masks for Slovenians in England!”.

So we split it up in two parts 323 washing masks 210 individuals across England. The mask material was provided by the editorial staff and partially covered by donations, and the UK postage was largely borne by the recipients themselves. Washing masks were made in the UK and Slovenia by local designers.

Therefore, one big THANK YOU to Rok Čibe, Petra Horvat and Marjan Krnjič for their hard work and energy and last but not least, that you don't care.

"The first findings suggest that surgical masks and home-made densely woven masks have similar particle filtration efficiency. The fabric itself filters well, but it is advisable to fit the mask face. These masks are recommended as a protection for the general population and the environment, where they are less likely to become infected because they prevent any infected carrier from spreading the virus drip. "

Many ask you how to wear and use masks. On the link NIJZ you can see an image of the installation and removal of the protective mask.

We hope that Slovenes will now be safer.

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