Reading Challenge 2020: Book List

Slovenian bookshelf

GROUP A (5 to 10 years)

Book titleThe author
The path of the bookZiga X Gombac, David Krancan
Pussy CopataricaEla Peroci
Green tractor and elephant Diana Ziberna
Fashion AnnaJozef Sraka, Marjan Krnjic
SapramishkaSvetlana Makarovich
Gold cat yarn Fairytale collection by Svetlana Makarovich
Mišmaš BakerySvetlana Makarovich
Cat MuriKajetan Kovič
Who made Vidku a shirtFran Levstik
My friend Piki JakobKajetan Kovič
Fairytale treeA collection of fairy tales
Alexander and the Wurber dragonBreda Mulec
Living in the seaDanny Kragelj
Living in the woodsDanny Kragelj
A grateful bearSlovenian fairy tale
The most beautiful stories from the countrysideTony wolf
The most beautiful classic fairy talesMore authors

V group A they also belong all fairy tales available on our newspaper, read by Diana Ziberna in all books from the Disney collection “My first encyclopedia with the bear Puja and his friends”.

GROUP B (10 to 14 years)

Book titleThe author
Bus at three Natasha Konc Lorenzutti
Little PrinceAntoine de Saint-Exupery
The stars are inviting Miha Mazzini
Finding Eve Damian Shinigoj
Anica and Mother's DayDesa Muck
Eliminating the green dragon Slavko Pregl
T-shirts: full songsTone Pavček
Miracle Garden A collection of stories and poems
Shown in flamesIvan Sivec
Be a cyclist!Primoz Suhodolcan
Lassye is coming backEric Knight

GROUP C (ages 15 to 21)

Book titleThe author
No voiceSuzana Tratnik
A planet that is not growingCafé Bogataj Light
The dream of a white stick Marjana Moškrič
Animal FarmAndrey Rozman Roza
My name is DamianSuzana Tratnik
Yugoslavia, my country Goran Vojnović
TenCvetka Bevc
Selected Raisins in ActionAndrey Rozman Roza
A genius without pantsSlavko Pregl
Glitter from the world of fashion and creators: Tie Paynich's autobiographical journalTia Paynich

GROUP D (adults)

Book titleThe author
Awakened in passionMateja Kobala
Ice imageGabriella M.
InheritanceEmily E.
Linguistic Miss in the Wild Emily E.
KrogAB Krooss
Hotel LavenderSabina Štrubelj
Gray ladySabina Štrubelj
House on the Threshold of the Canadian Wilderness: Land of the Grizzlies and Puma Emily Enveritas
U.SBL Pride
Random aliens More authors
Fatea bruise 1Maja Horvat
Fatal Blue 2Maja HoRvat
How to burn out… and take life into your own handsAlyosha Bagola

List of books Reading Challenge 2020 is up to date. Book for Reading Challenge 2020 you can also suggest yourself through ours contact form. All books are available at Slovenian bookshelves in London or send them to your home and you can rent them for free. You can also find Books of the Reading Challenge 2020 among the eBooks in the set Koper Libraries. How to get there check it out here.

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