Preventive programs in health care continue

According to the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, the changed working conditions in public health institutions during and after the declaration of the epidemic led to an extension of waiting times, as health care providers did not provide many health services during the epidemic. If in the first wave preventive examinations were almost completely limited, in the second wave they will be carried out smoothly.

The epidemic of covida-19, which has drastically changed health systems around the world, has also significantly changed the functioning of general family medicine clinics. Visits to these health facilities are curtailed due to the risk of infection and limited contact. Queues, however, have moved from outpatient waiting rooms to queues on the phone line.

In order for patients to obtain a lot of information faster, new technologies have also been introduced in the treatment of patients.

Preventive examinations for children will continue to be carried out at the Adolf Drolec Health Center, as it is crucial that they continue with the programs without interruption.

In addition to paediatricians, they will also work smoothly in gynecological and oncological clinics. As in all Slovenian health care institutions, the Maribor health center is understaffed. And if certain health workers stayed home in the spring, that won’t be possible in the second wave.

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