Plum jam of our grandmothers

Remember what kind of plum jam our grandmothers used to cook? Just such a resinous structure, with intermediate pieces of shell, is obtained by long cooking on the stove and constantly stirring the jam so that it does not brown. However, so that we do not have to stand behind the stove for hours, we can also prepare a similar jam in the oven. However, if we have the time and will, of course we can also prepare the jam on the stove and thus prepare exactly the same plum jam as our grandmothers cooked.

Baked plum jam

- 6 kg of plums

- 1,2 kg of sugar

- Vanilla sugar

- Juice 2 lemons

- Rum to taste

Wash and pit the plums and place them on a large baking sheet. We can just cut them in half or cut them into smaller pieces. Preheat the oven to 170 ° C. Place the plums in a baking dish with baking paper and add sugar and vanilla sugar. Make sure that they do not reach the edge of the baking tray, as this would cause liquid to leak over the edge during baking. Stir the jam occasionally (for about 20 minutes) and when the plums soften and release the juice, add the rum and lemon juice. After about three hours, when the liquid evaporates, the jam is ready. While still hot, fill into sterilized jars, close them tightly, cover and allow to cool


If you want jam with smaller pieces, cut the plums more finely. A smoother structure of the jam is obtained by mixing it partially or completely with a stick mixer. Check the density of the jam by taking a teaspoon of jam, placing it on a plate and letting it cool. If it retains its shape and does not spill, the jam is ready.

You can use plain sugar, or replace it with cane or coconut. In addition to sugar, you can also add cinnamon or ginger powder to taste, and for a more classic version of jam, stick to the written recipe.

Photo by Mateja Kilar

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