Our top 5 books in English on beekeeping!

The editorial board has prepared a selection of five books in English, which we keep in Slovenica in London as part of the project The Carniolan bee in London.

  • The Little Book of Bees
  • The Good Bee: A Celebration of Bees - And How to Save Them
  • The Bee Book: Discover the Wonder of Bees and How to Protect Them for Generations to Come
  • Buzz, Bee! (National Geographic Readers)
  • Explore My World: Honey Bees
Share Slovenian bookshelves, where, as a rule, only books in Slovene live, we are due to the demand of children and the project The Carniolan bee in London also intended for books in English.

As part of the project Slovenian bookshelf, where we also provide free e - book rental in cooperation with Koper Library, you can also borrow books about bees in Slovene. You can find them with click here.

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