News from Slovenia

  • Celje pediatric emergency department with donations for a new ultrasound

    With the help of donors, the Celje hospital raised more than 25.000 euros and used this money to buy an ultrasound device, which will be used by doctors in the pediatric emergency center to detect life-threatening conditions and diagnose the most vulnerable population.

  • Primorske novice: Six years in prison for the failed robbery of a jewelry store in January and other crimes

    A XNUMX-year-old man who tried to rob a goldsmith's shop in Koper in January this year entered into a plea agreement for this and several other crimes, and the Koper District Court sentenced him to six years in prison, Primorske novice reports today.

  • The Pen and the Forum for Democracy warn of the harmfulness and unacceptability of the proposed media changes

    Members of the Slovenian Pen Center, the Forum for Democracy and some other individuals point out in a public letter to the proposal of harmful and unacceptable changes in media legislation affecting key media. In their view, the amendments show a very clear tendency of the governing policy to subordinate and control these key media and the STA.

  • Italian media on the historical significance of the meeting between Pahor and Mattarella

    Italian media report extensively on Monday's meeting between the presidents of Slovenia and Italy, Borut Pahor and Sergio Mattarella, and emphasize its historical significance. Corriere della Sera thus writes of a "meeting on the road to reconciliation." Il Giornale writes that the Slovenian president paid tribute to the memory of the victims of Tito's communists for the first time.

  • Median: Most Slovenians do not support the introduction of an application for tracking infections with the new coronavirus

    The introduction of a new coronavirus infection tracking app is not supported by 54 percent of respondents who see it as an invasion of privacy or an ineffective means of tracking the movement of those infected, a Mediana survey shows. The application is supported by 38 percent of respondents, and another two percent of respondents would support it in the event of less severe restrictions by the government.

  • Ten new coronavirus infections were confirmed on Monday

    On Monday, 1218 tests for the new coronavirus were performed in Slovenia, and ten cases of infection were confirmed. Hospitals still treat 17 patients with covid-19, one of them in the intensive care unit. Three people were discharged from the hospital on Monday, but no covid-19 patients died that day.

  • Seven migrants and an Albanian guide were arrested near Gorišnica

    On Sunday, police detained an Albanian citizen who helped seven illegal immigrants cross the Slovenian-Croatian border in the Gorišnica area shortly after midnight on Sunday. On Monday, he was brought to the on-duty investigating judge of the Ptuj court with a criminal complaint, who ordered his detention.

  • The ZNP supports the proposal to reallocate part of the RTV contribution

    The Association of Journalists and Publicists (ZNP) supports the proposal to redistribute part of the RTV contribution to other media. Regarding the changes in the appointment of STA supervisors, they believe that it does not matter whether they are appointed by the government or the National Assembly. However, in their view, it would make sense to stipulate that supervisors and a director may have a maximum of two terms.

  • A 46-year-old cyclist died at the Maribor University College after an accident in June

    A 46-year-old man died in the University Clinical Center (UKC) Maribor in mid-June while having an accident while cycling on the local forest road between Rogoza and Miklavž na Dravskem polje. The injured person was then taken to the Maribor hospital by ambulance, but the police have not been informed about the incident so far.

  • Renovation of the Mokrice-Obrežje regional road in the Brežice region

    The Municipality of Brežice and the Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure have signed an agreement on cooperation in the renovation of the regional road and the construction of a sidewalk from the Slovenska vas border crossing to Mokrice or the motorway turnoff there. The investment will cost just over 910.000 euros. The municipality will cover about two-fifths and the directorate for infrastructure the rest of the investment.

  • In a letter to Janša, the EBU Director General expressed concern for the future of Slovenian public media

    In a letter to Prime Minister Janez Janša, Director General of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Noel Curran expressed concern for the future of Slovenian public media. He called on him to extend the time for a public debate on changes to the legal and financial framework of Radiotelevizija Slovenija and emphasized that it needed adequate and stable funding.

  • Ljubljana police arrested 27 citizens of Morocco and Algeria

    While performing the tasks of guarding the state border, the police tracked down and arrested 6 foreigners, citizens of Morocco and Algeria, on Monday from 6 am to 27 pm in Breg pri Ribnici, Ščurki, Slivnica and Ljubljana. Police proceedings with foreigners who illegally crossed the state border are still ongoing, the Ljubljana Police Administration announced.

  • SOS for water: The Slovenian sea is biodiversity rich, but there are several potential threats

    In the Slovenian sea, more than half of the approximately 470 species of fish detected in the entire Adriatic have been identified, which testifies to the rich biodiversity of our sea. However, as the Piran Marine Biological Station points out, attention needs to be paid to potential threats due to the impacts of human activities.

  • Chronicle in the last 24 hours

    Police officers have dealt with 24 traffic accidents in the last 103 hours, of which 10 accidents with minor injuries and one with severe ones. According to the General Police Administration, police officers dealt with another 64 breaches of public order and 111 criminal offenses.

  • Constitutional Judge Dunja Jadek Pensa's term expires today

    Constitutional judge Dunja Jadek Pensa's nine-year term as a constitutional judge expires today, but since the National Assembly has not yet appointed a successor to her position, she will perform the work of a constitutional judge for at least some time. Namely, only the deadline by which it is possible to submit nominations in the new public invitation of the President of the Republic expires on 11 September.

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