Michelin stars in Slovenia

The long-awaited Michelin stars also came to Slovenia.

What are Michelin stars?

Michelin stars give the restaurant more value, as it is a recognition that a certain restaurant belongs to the very top of the world's culinary world. With this guest, they communicate that they will receive the best food and quality service.

The meaning of stars

1 star means it is a very good restaurant in its category. 2 stars mean a great restaurant while 3 stars they mean the best we can imagine in cooking.

This year, Michelin stars also came to Slovenia.

Kar 2 Michelin the star she received House Franko from Kobarid, run by a master chef Yes, Roche. And so this restaurant is one of only 473 restaurants around the world with two Michelin stars and the only one in Slovenia.

I think two stars are quite fair at the moment, but at the same time they give room for evolution, for development, for you to become even better. Give us time, give us a chance, we still have room and we will be even better and more diligent and more committed and maybe one day a third will come.
Ana Rosh

1 star so it got five Slovenian restaurants:

Denk House - Kungota, master chef Gregor Vračko,

At Lojzet - Vipava, master chef Tomaž Kavčič,

Villa Podvin - Radovljica, master chef Uroš Štefelin,

Women - Nova Gorica, master chef Uroš Fakuč,

Atelier - Ljubljana, master chef Jorg Zupan.

Several Slovenian restaurants also received Michelin awards. Recognition BIB GOURMAND (good value for money) was given to 9 restaurants. Recognition THE PLATE MICHELIN (fresh ingredients, carefully prepared and good meal) 37 restaurants and Michelin recognition PICTOGRAM OF SUSTAINABILITY (commitment to preserving the environment, ingenuity in using sustainable practices in everyday work) was given to 6 restaurants.

Evaluation criteria they are based on the quality of the ingredients used, the mastery of tastes and cooking techniques, the personalities of the chefs in their kitchen, the value for money and the consistency between different visits. The restaurant is visited by foreign evaluators and the quality is assessed.

The Michelin star award ceremony is June 16 took place at Ljubljana Castle with a direct connection to Paris and was adapted to the situation after the coronavirus epidemic. The solemn proclamation could also be followed online.

You can read more about the story of the Michelin stars and other interesting things in article.

Michelin stars in Slovenia
Michelin in Slovenia: Five Michelin stars for five restaurants and Hiša Franko for two. Congratulations!
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