Meet the beautiful Easter eggs from Bela krajina!

How would you describe yourself and your work?

Creative, always looking for new challenges. Especially handmade products, in the manufacture of which we cannot use modern accessories.

Where do you get the inspiration to create?

I got a lot of inspiration from my work by visiting abroad

Your work is also known abroad. So you are also interested in abroad?

Yes, they know me and my work abroad, although of course I would like to expand my acquaintances even further

The artist Slavica Trdič also met the greatest egg creators in Ukraine and is also a member of the World Association of Egg Artists. She also visited the largest museum with this theme in Ukraine.

What materials do you use?

I use mostly natural materials, real eggs, beeswax, onion peel, linen fabric and textile dyes.

So the motives? Where do you get ideas for motifs?

The motives are typical of our landscape, they were very modest. The motifs are passed down from generation to generation, and after visiting abroad, I added more motifs to my spectrum.

Slavica does not use modern accessories in its production.

You are known for your handmade Easter eggs. How much time do you spend creating one Easter egg?

I can't determine the exact time, because the work is done in so-called phases, first we write on a white egg, we paint it, it needs to be dried, then rewriting and cooking in black, and the product is finished by making a string.

Slavica Trdič is also a two-time winner of the first prize for original cultural heritage in Slovenia

Do you also send them abroad?

To send abroad. I pack the package very well as the eggs are brittle. So far, none have broken. You can also order the product with special inscriptions or motifs.

Can Slovenians around the world also order them?

Slovenians around the world can also order. Ukrainians, for example, therefore started working on them because they brought a piece of their homeland with them.

Where we can see your work. Where can we place an order?

My work is noticeable here or find me at Facebook.

You come from Bela krajina. Do you also draw ideas for creation from your home environment?

It's really at home in Bela krajina, where the most famous Bela krajina Easter eggs and skates are, ideas are born all the time, I took some from preserved records, and I added some myself, because I can't say that any of my eggs is the same - every is unique.

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