The public is not interested in embezzlement at the sorting plant?

Audit report on Snaga's investment The sorting plant is still stirring the spirits - the investment was oversized, too expensive and some documents were allegedly forged. As this is an investment with public money, reading the report behind closed doors has raised a number of concerns.
As we reported last week, the Maribor Snaga had to publish an audit report on the investment in a waste sorting plant, which the Maribor councilors were acquainted with at a closed session in May.
The allegations in the audit report are serious and confirm the findings of the supervisory board of the municipality. The consequences of an unwise investment will be felt by all citizens of the Maribor municipality.
The session was to be closed to the public in order to ensure the confidentiality of personal data. During the discussion of the audit report, he was a city councilor of the Youth List. We connect Matic Matjašič excluded from the session because he did not want to hand over his personal computer. When Primvc inquired about the reasons why the report was public, he was told, among other things, that there was no special public interest in the report.
Maribor Mayor Saša Arsenovič said that the current leadership of Snaga had already filed criminal charges against those responsible. The names of the defendants are not known. The sorting was carried out during the term of the previous mayor Andrej Fištravec, when Snago was led by Cveto Žalik.

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