Making family trees and pedigrees

Have you ever wondered who you are and where your roots come from? … Who are my ancestors?

A team of professional and dedicated researchers leads professor of history Tino Mamić, who has more than 20 years of experience in genealogy and is sworn expert for genealogy. In addition to genealogical research, they make it for you family tree in the picture, they write family chronicle, analysis of the origin of the surname, find heirs and relatives ali write the history of the place.

Who is Tino Mamic?

It's Tino Mamic professor of history and graduate journalist. He graduated from University of Ljubljana, at the Faculty of Arts, where the study of history has the longest tradition in the country.

He is a long - time member of several journalist associations and Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD), for which he edits the magazine Drevesa, and a member international Associations of professional genealogists (Association of Professional Genealogists). He is a member of the council of the Koper Provincial Archives and one of the three sworn genealogy experts in the country. He has written a huge number of historical articles, edited or translated 15 books. His four books, two on genealogy, have been published.

In 1999 he founded the first Slovenian company for genealogical research. Many years of rich experience in archives of Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria have enabled thorough research and been done in the shortest possible time. His work is reliable. So you will get the most for your money here. In addition to registry books, he is very familiar with cadastres, land registers, population censuses and other secondary sources. This is especially important for places where archives burned down during the wars (Komen, Marezige, Branik (). He specializes in research in Primorska and Istria, where the materials are scattered in three countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy). He researches the material according to the methods of historical science, which means that the research is done professionally. Years of research have given him a rich general knowledge of the origin of surnames; o temje came out his book pri Mohor's company in Gorizia.

It was Tino Mamic born in Šempeter near Gorica (1972), grew up in Šturje near Ajdovščina and graduated in Vipava. His father Ivan Mamić is from Dalmatia (Lokvičići, Croatia), and his mother is Vipavka from the village of Stomaž. The intertwining of the two nationalities aroused in him a curiosity that he had begun to explore family history and a fascination with history, a teacher of wisdom. The richness of the two cultures has always been an inspiration for him to explore beyond borders, and so he developed a love for both cultures, languages ​​and heritage. He is married to Mojca Strmšek, a graduate economist and genealogist. They have five children and live on the outskirts of Koper.

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