Love novel: Circle

The glamorous world of wealth and glory is at first glance a shallow, superficial, environment where there is no room for love. But the most passionate and faithful love is born exactly where we least expect it. The love triangle between a beautiful young lawyer and famous football players who are different as day and night is not really a triangle, but a circle. A circle in which energy flows evenly but forcefully and satisfyingly. An unusual erotic story takes us to exclusive locations around the world, even to Slovenia, where life and passion are captured with a big spoon. And everything is as it should be.

The KROG romance novel is part of the project Slovenian bookshelf in Reading Challenge 2020.

Book reviews

“It is a novel for me that I no longer have much time to read books with my family, something new. Lots of erotica (which I like), escalation of tension, good ending to the story. In one word, I am excited about the book (I have already updated it…). A novel, this instant, a life as we know it that many people do not understand, but are here ... Now. Now. ” (Urška M.)

“I would recommend the book primarily to women who have a stable life or are just preparing for it. Because this book will open up a new world for them, they may not be familiar so far. The book KrOg reminds us of new opportunities beyond our daily routine, which is for the most part monotonous and boring. I personally like this book because it has a sea of ​​different emotions from three very different main characters. By the book, we can realize that life is unpredictable, but in love. We never know what awaits us or surprise us, when something surprises us to discover a part of ourselves that is still unknown. And when we think we have reached the top of our story, something surprises us, as the author points out throughout the book. Are we ready to accept this change? Do we dare to go beyond our current framework? I would like to thank the author of the book for the very good work. The content itself drags on further reading. After quietly, I hope for the second part. ” (Urška Š.)

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