Kungota, the heart of Styria

The municipality of Kungota was founded at the end of 1994 and lies in the hilly world of western Slovenske gorice. It borders the municipalities of Šentilj and Pesnica in the east, the municipality of Maribor in the south and west, and 18 kilometers in contact with Austria in the north. Here once was the Pannonian Sea, whose sediments were cut by streams into vibrant hills.
Carefully arranged environment, varied and home-made cuisine and rich cultural and historical heritage attract many tourists, mostly from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Italy and Great Britain. They can also boast of the prestigious Michelin star, which placed the destination on the prestigious list of top culinary destinations.
In this young, friendly rural municipality live in nineteen settlements on an area of ​​4.887 ha 4.705 inhabitants in four village communities: Lower Kungota; Zgornja Kungota; Jurij ob Pesnici and Svečina. The latter is adorned with a castle from the 12th century, which stretches north of the village center Svečina.
A special feature of this wine-growing region are also many wine farms, which can be visited by car, bicycle, special bus, and the path between them can also be crossed.
Viticulture in Svečina and in the entire area of ​​Svečine gorice is endowed with a rich tradition, which is also presented in more detail to the Kebl wine museum.
Mostly white wine varieties ripen in the sunny locations of Svečinske gorice. Quality and top wines of normal to late harvests and predicate wines are pleasantly fresh, some richly aromatic, with a residual sugar, but we can find the right harmony in all of them and something for every taste.
And although viticulture is mostly in the domain of men, in Zgornja Kungota they also have a successful winemaker, who was taken over and fascinated by her grandfather's stories about the vine as a child, so she dedicated her entire mission to a good drop of wine.
But in addition to wine and culinary specialties, the municipality of Kungota also has many natural features. One of them is certainly the Pruh quarry.
The regional wine and culinary pearl sucked us in with its hospitality. And on the way home, there was only talk in the car of when to get back there again.

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