JMSS will build housing for young people

The Maribor Public Inter-Municipal Housing Fund recently announced the construction of new housing for young people and young families. It intends to offer these on Dvorakova ulica 5 and 7 in Tabor. They plan to deduct 1,3 million euros from the housing fund for the project, and if all goes well, the apartments will be available for rent in the second half of 2023.
The new block is planned at a location not far from the Old Bridge over the Drava and the University Clinical Center Maribor, where in the past there was a center for social work and a bank branch, and the team of former mayor Andrej Fištravec wanted to move the Maribor library there.
They presented and adopted an investment project identification document, where they designed two versions of construction.
They plan to build 50 to 70 flats, for which they will also have to change the municipal spatial plan.
Since they intend to build apartments with market rents, they want to check the market beforehand, what is the interest of young people in renting or buying such apartments.
This year, they would start preparing project documentation, and construction is planned to be completed in 2023. In the second half of the same year, we could already prepare a tender for the lease of apartments.

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