Investments in wastewater treatment plants

When building a small treatment plant, it is important for citizens to understand that their actions contribute to a cleaner living environment, and the task of the municipality is to solve drainage and wastewater treatment in settlements and areas of dispersed construction at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, most Slovenian municipalities have decided to subsidize the construction of treatment plants.

Small municipal wastewater treatment plants are thus used to treat municipal wastewater where there is no public sewage network. These are municipal wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of less than 50 population units, 1 population unit is pollution caused daily by one person.
The cost of purchasing and installing a good small municipal wastewater treatment plant on our market is between 3.000 and 3.500 euros. The installation price may vary depending on the difficulty of excavation or. difficulty of installation.

The share of co-financing for the construction of a small treatment plant does not differ significantly from municipality to municipality. Beneficiaries of grants for the construction of small municipal wastewater treatment plants are natural persons or owners of existing residential buildings. The only difference between the municipalities is the dates by which the investment can be registered and the subsidy drawn.

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