Information on the course of the temporary address abroad


below we provide you with the information we received from the Ministry of the Interior in connection with the expiration of temporary addresses abroad.

Information on the course of the temporary address abroad

All individuals who temporarily moved abroad before 13.8.2017 August XNUMX and also registered before that date temporary departure from the territory of the Republic of Slovenia or registered a temporary address abroad, which was not subsequently changed, we would like to inform you that the temporary registration at this address ex officio ended on 13.8.2020 August XNUMX.

Following the amendment of the Residence Registration Act in 2016, a temporary address abroad is valid for a maximum of 4 years. If an individual is still temporarily residing at this address, he must extend the application, and if the nature of his residence abroad changes from temporary to permanent, he is obliged to register a permanent address.

At the same time, an individual residing abroad permanently or temporarily is also obliged to notify any change of address.

The registration obligation can be performed at any administrative unit in the Republic of Slovenia or at a diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Slovenia abroad. An individual can edit the application in person or give a written authorization for this to another person (eg a relative residing in Slovenia).

Individuals who have a valid digitally qualified certificate can also edit the application electronically, via the e-government portal at the link here.

More detailed information regarding the registration of residence is also available on that website.

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