Unemployment lower in August

In August, the number of unemployed decreased compared to July. Thus, at the end of August, 88.172 unemployed persons were registered at the Employment Service, which is 1,4 percent less than in July, but still 23,2 percent more than in August last year. The number of vacancies is also lower. In the first eight months, 25,6% fewer vacancies were available than in the same period last year.
Unemployment in the Maribor area is falling. In August, the unemployment rate fell by 1,8 percent in July.
This was helped by a number of state measures to contain the consequences of the corona crisis, as well as the proximity of Austria. Employers, most of them in the fields of education, manufacturing, construction and health and social care, reported 12.210 vacancies to the Institute in August, which is 10,2 percent more than in July and 4,3 percent less than in August 2019. maximum for the following occupational groups.
Within the framework of employment promotion programs, they enable employers numerous subsidies or partial reimbursement of costs for the employment of new employees. In return for new employment, interested employers can receive subsidies, reimburse contributions for newly hired employees or co-finance the cost of employment in public works. More information is available on their website.

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