HOW TO BURN… and take life in your own hands

Aljosha Bagol's book “HOW TO BURN… AND TAKE LIFE IN YOUR HANDS” through the donation of Mladinska Knjiga we have also been included in the Reading Challenge 2020.

Alyosha Bagola He is one of the most recognized and most awarded Slovenian advertising creative directors, an excellent storyteller, a popular lecturer and columnist, and with the book How to Burn he brings a sincere account of dealing with burnout.
With lucid thought-turns and bravourous word games, he masterfully takes us between inspirational life stories, shocking insights, unexpected insights, and endless reflections on how to effectively cope with the wildness of the modern world and, in spite of everything, find a bit of solace, calm and optimism.
“So we don't try too hard with greatness. Therefore, we do not try too hard with our legacy, so we do not travel with too much baggage, so we do not give in to unnecessary suffering. The meaning of life is not what you leave behind, but what life leaves in you. "

Aljoša has been one of the most widely read Slovenian columnists for many years. So it's really no surprise that his first book, How to Burn Up overnight, became a hit and hit multiple reprints in record time.

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