Holidays in the Blue Workshop

The Blue Workshop - a center of technology and science for children and young people is hosting a holiday week “Laser, saw and 3D printer. The workshops take place every day from 9 am to 13 pm and have ended for two weeks with today.

This is already the 4th week that the holiday workshops are taking place in the Blue Workshop. However, almost ten years of experience have convinced them that children learn best when they can participate and test various forms of technological experiments and have fun at the same time.

For the first three weeks, the children learned about movement, energy, buoyancy and strength. They assembled and programmed simple robots and learned about basic robotic assemblies: motors, sensors, mechanical elements and controllers.

This week, however, classic and modern technologies are intertwined. Kids really enjoy being able to saw, drill holes and grind. They are also thrilled when they assemble a product cut by a laser engraving machine and when they design a simple 3D product themselves. 

Children's responses require that they work well, but they also have already prepared or. set goals for the future of the Blue Workshop.

The Blue Workshop, which is part of the Simetris Institute, inspires and inspires children and young people for technology and science. They believe that these are areas that need to be developed, as there is far too little time in schools for children to be able to practically create or. tested. 

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