Grand opening of the renovated road in Kungota

Residents of the municipality of Kungota have been waiting for an asphalt road in the Čajžič area for more than 20 years. Therefore, at the opening of the road, the mayor of the municipality of Kungota, Tamara Šnofl, expressed great satisfaction, who also contributed a lot to the realization of the investment.
The road will bring many positive effects on the residents themselves, in addition, the access road for intervention vehicles will be much more accessible and safe, and in winter the authorities will have less work or. costs of maintaining the macadam road so far.
From a construction point of view, asphalting the road was difficult, mainly due to the hilly terrain, which mostly covers the entire municipality of Kungota.
The investment, which amounts to more than 300,000 euros, was financially fully covered by the municipality, which took advantage of the currently favorable prices of construction materials on the market. However, the government in the future in the municipality of Kungota in the field of asphalting roads still has quite a bit of work to do.
Asphalt roads are a matter of course nowadays, and in a municipality with such a low population and available budget as Kungota, such an acquisition is invaluable, especially in terms of ensuring the safety of all road users.

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