Fashion Ana, The Fairytale Tree and The Path of the Book

V Reading Challenge 2020 in group A, which is intended for children aged 5 to 10, we also find among other fairy tales Fashionable Ana, The Tree of Fairy Tales and The Path of the Book.

Fashion Anna

Modna Ana, which is available in both Slovenian and English (English Fashionable Ann) is the first fairy tale for children, originally written by fashion designers Marjan Krnjič in Joseph Sraka, and she took care of the illustrations Tina Knez. They found the inspiration for the central character in supermodel Naomi Campbell. They drew inspiration for the fairy tales from their work so far, the environment and also from their home environment and the environment on the Island. The fairy tale takes place in a kingdom between two central characters, Ana, who is always impeccably and most beautifully dressed, and the Queen, who in the end, with Ana's help, comes to her new realization.

Fairytale tree

A collection of fairy tales, which on more than 370 pages brings a diverse selection of fairy tales and songs with images Marlenke Stupice. The book contains 23 fairy tales such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, My Umbrella Can Be a Balloon, Fairy Tree, Ugly Duckling, Star Tolars and others. We also find 16 songs, including children's folk songs, songs by Oton Zupančič and other songs by local authors. One-sided and two-sided illustrations by Marlenka Stupica, an academic painter who devoted her creativity entirely to children, are also indispensable. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Levstik Lifetime Achievement Award.

The path of the book

The path of a book, from author to reader, is the process of creating a book. It is a short story written in the author's comic Stamps X Gombacha and illustrations David Krančan. It takes us into the world of book creation with the protagonist, a sympathetic book moth. The path of the book is also prepared on 12 posters as an exhibition traveling around Slovenia. It is accessible to schools, libraries and other interested institutions. The basis for the implementation of the content The path of the book is in the curriculum of the 4th grade of primary school. At the invitation of schools and other institutions, the authors present a project in the field.

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