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V Reading Challenge 2020 in group A (from 5 to 10 years) we find the fairy tales of Diana Žiberna Green tractor and elephant and Brede Mulec Alexander and the Wurber dragon.

Diana Ziberna: Green Tractor and Elephant

A picture book Green tractor and elephant It is designed for pre-school children and is based on the idea of ​​a two-year-old Tim, the author's son, which is definitely her added value. Besides entertaining content, the book is instructive as the child learns beautiful expression and Slovene at the same time. There are so many duplicates in the book that is a problem for most children and the use of phrases such as ducks on water, fish under water, horses roaring, cow torment and others. The whole content of the book is thus based on the subconscious learning of children. At the end of the book is a questionnaire to help parents check how closely their children listened to the fairy tale and what they remembered most. Asking questions thus encourages communication between the reader and the child. The book also includes a coloring book and a tractor tractor can be painted in any color, so a fairy tale can also talk about a blue tractor and an elephant, red or purple. Together with your child, it is advisable to renew the fairy tale and walk around the farm again with the main characters, which entertains both children and adults, as their answers are creative and full of children's imagination.

“In a small village, on a small farm, they played, laughed, ate and drank, slept, and their best friends used green tractor and elephant on the water. Each of their days was full of adventures. Are you interested in how they spent the sunny Sunday? "

Breda Mulec: Alexander and the Wurber Dragon

Breda Mulec wrote a series of stories for children about the friendship between the boy Alexander and a snake child, a dragon named Vurko, who together discover the castle and its surroundings. A picture book Alexander and the Wurber dragon it revives the oral tradition of old tales and legends. The Wurber Castle, located near Ptuj, above the left bank of the Drava is a little known historical and literary landmark. The witches were burned here, as well as Veronika Desenišk with a child, and many other stories that stem from the almost forgotten legends about rafters, Wurber treasures, energy points, owls. The picture book presents the heartfelt friendship between a boy and a dragon and their common adventures in discovering a castle with its surroundings.

Finally, there is an excerpt from a picture book for young and old alike: “Dragon Vurko and Alexander were jumping and running joyfully along mysterious paths along the Drava River. Here and there they used to fondle her grandfather Franck, who was fishing. They were throwing pebbles at the Drava River, but of course it was not a grandfather's choice, since they were scaring the fish with stones. Suddenly the dragon started shouting, "Monster, monster!"

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