Since fairy tales only live when children open a book and explore the fairytale world, it is only right that we are encouraged by adults to do so. That is why every reading badge and reading challenge is even more welcome in their journey of growing up. Although it may seem like kids are overwhelmed, but certainly not by sailing around strange worlds. No multimedia device can really compare to a good book and marvelous illustrations that children can admire.

V Reading Challenge 2020 there are some great picture books and books for children and adults. This time I present to you my three favorite ones. In all three, although they differ from one another, we find the qualities that adults somehow expect from their children.

  • Kajetan Kovič

Cat Muri (illustrated by Jelka Reichman)

Cat Muri is a very special cat, important in the Cat Town, where she has many friends. With this very unusual cat, we stroll through the whole city, getting to know different cats and cats and the corners of the Cat City.

Cat Muri can also be read by beginners in the reading, as it is printed in block capitals. The interesting thing about the story is that verses and prose are interwoven in the text.

My friend Piki Jakob (illustrated by Jelka Reichman)

The story of a teddy bear and his teacher - a little boy who looks after the bear Piki. A catchy story that pulls in even the most demanding toddler or older child. Piki will learn how to write, swim, be a circus artist, drive and more.

My friend Piki Jakob is a heartwarming tale of friendship that every child should experience.

  • Fran Levstik

Who made Vidku a shirt (illustrated by Rosa Chicken)

Videk, a barely four-year-old boy who especially loved animals and plants and cared for them when needed, had six siblings. Since he was the youngest, he has always been wearing shirts that were already worn, but they were barely viable. One day, when his shirt was torn off, animals and plants came to his aid and sewed a new one.

The story is a good example of getting what you give. And no matter how much you have, there is always room for others in your heart.

Kids love to read. They love it when someone else reads to them, but it's a little harder for them to write about it, especially at first when they are just starting to get to know each other. And yet they have other talents that can also be developed with the help of fairy tales and imagination.

"There are only two ways to learn: one is reading and the other is socializing with the smarter ones." (Will Rogers)

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