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Our newspaper is becoming richer, more interesting and more readable, also with your help - readers and subscribers. It is complemented every day by fresh news, photos, comments, columns, sweepstakes and surveys. We are also happy to publish photos and contributions sent to us by our compatriots on the Island and elsewhere in the world.

Because we want to be better, to serve you with even better content, and above all MORE of them, we decided to offer you an annual and monthly subscription to the newspaper Slovenes in England.

We will use your support for operation of the journal, and offered you (with a monthly membership fee):

  • unlimited access to all online articles on Slovenes in England,
  • priority and free of charge participation in all editorial actions and projects,
  • free and unlimited use of all services in “Slovenes - Slovenian Home for Maintaining Contact with the Homeland” in London (computer use, printing, scanning, wifi up to 300 Mbit / s,…),
  • priority notification on events and projects of the Slovenes in England editorial board.

Additionally for the annual subscription:

  • a package of different goodies, which we named "Greetings from Slovenia",
  • free attendance and gift at the annual gift in December for one family organized by the editorial board Slovenes in England.