Recruitment programs continue

The path from unemployment to employment is sometimes difficult and time consuming. The Employment Service can help individuals through active employment policy measures through training, education and employment programs. We checked what measures they offer for those who lost their jobs due to the consequences of the corona crisis.
An active employment policy is a set of measures on the labor market that are intended to increase employment and reduce unemployment, increase the employability of persons in the labor market and increase the competitiveness and flexibility of employers. At the Employment Service, the smooth implementation of these programs was interrupted by a corona crisis.
The goals of active employment policy follow the strategic documents and measures of the state, and at the same time provide opportunities for adapting measures to rapid changes in the situation and needs on the labor market. Active employment policy programs are intended for both the unemployed and the employed.
But employers need to be careful when using the program, as employment subsidies are ruled out by government measures to curb the corona crisis.
To support employers and protect workers and the self-employed from losing their jobs, the European Commission is proposing a new temporary instrument called SURE - support for reducing the risks of unemployment in a crisis. It will work together with Member States' efforts to maintain employment and is expected to enter into force on 1 June 2020. The proposal is part of the European Union's package of measures to help members take action on the coronavirus pandemic.

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