Ecographite on responsibility to nature

AquaSystems presents the first competition for the production of graphite from ecological materials, which is a symbol of the ecological orientation and mission of AquaSystems - to preserve the Drava and life along it for future generations. 
AquaSystems has defined ecological orientation as an important part of its business. In their work, they are primarily responsible for the Drava and the people of Maribor. 
With the EKO-GRAFIT project, they promote social and cultural life in Maribor. They give space to young, local artists to express their creativity and realize it in the form of graffiti or wall paintings that will adorn the exterior of the administrative
The times when we equated graffiti with teenage vandalism and sighed loudly at every street image, our society has long since outgrown. Today, they are one of the sights of every major modern city, around the world, Europe and also in Slovenia.
The EKO-GRAFIT creative competition is intended for all individuals aged between 16 and 35 living in Maribor, Duplek, Hoče - Slivnica, Miklavž na Dravskem polje who want to be part of a project to preserve and promote life in and along the Drava River.
With 286 votes, Lee Pernek's proposal entitled "Cycle of Life" won, in which we recognize several intertwining motifs. 
The EKO GRAFIT tender is one of the socially responsible projects with which AquaSystems realizes its mission and with well-thought-out measures protects one of the largest European watercourses - the Drava and groundwater reserves, which are a source of drinking water for Maribor and the entire Podravje region.

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