Student dormitories changed purpose

At the end of last week, due to the extremely serious epidemiological situation in the country, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the "Ordinance on the temporary ban on gathering people in educational institutions and universities and independent higher education institutions", which means that they were forced to exceptions, to completely close the UM Student Dormitories.

Under anti-epidemic measures, most residents had to leave dormitories last weekend.

The exceptions are those who have permanent residence in the home, young families and foreigners. On Sunday, the Ministry of Education decided that people who perform important tasks for the state during the epidemic, such as assistance in health care institutions and call services of the NIJZ and ministries, will also be able to stay in homes. These represent about 8% of all residents in student dormitories

Out of 2663, 195 students remain in the dormitories of the University of Maribor. There are about 40 of those who help in critical services to contain the epidemic, and about 60 are foreign students. Despite the high number, the proportions of positives on covid-19 were not large.

Many students, including those from Maribor, were worried that new residents would move into their rooms, where they have personal belongings. However, additional explanations came from the ministry that these are only existing residents. The management of the student dormitories wants a normalized health condition as soon as possible.

The student councils of the residents of the student dormitories of the universities in Maribor call on the ministry to provide accommodation for students who are in social distress, do not have adequate conditions for distance learning at home, share the household with at-risk groups and infected people and for doing student work.

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