Development of the Tepanje business zone

Another business and craft zone will grow in the municipality of Slovenske Konjice. After it came to life next to the equestrian bypass in the spring, investors will be able to develop their activity along the motorway in Tepanje. Due to the exceptional location, many companies are already showing interest in buying land.
It is expected that the construction of the Tepanja Business Zone will begin this year on a 10-hectare area along the Styrian motorway. “First, the construction of roads is planned, including a new roundabout for the direct connection of the business zone with the highway. After that, the municipality will arrange all the necessary communal infrastructure.
The road connection with the access road has already been implemented and is owned by the Municipality, which is located along the motorway near the Tepanje exit. The size of all land for the business zone is approximately 9 ha, which are already included in the Municipal Spatial Plan (OPN).
There are also already known sources of funding, which are divided into three parts.
Efforts to arrange a business and craft zone in Tepanje have a long history. For some, patience ran out. An investor from abroad, for example, wanted to build a factory, an administrative building and a logistics center in the area, but the investment failed. In this case, however, it is different, as there are no longer any legal obstacles to the construction of the Tepanje craft zone, so work can finally begin after a good decade of bureaucratic procedures.

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