Cycling routes for better mobility

The municipality of Kidričevo, together with other municipalities in the Lower Podravje region, is chasing the last train in order to build a regional cycling connection with European money. However, the project has stalled as it is stuck in many areas, including land acquisition.  

The mayor of Kidričevo said that it was very important for them to acquire land, even through expropriation, as otherwise the entire route of the bike path in the Drava plain could fall. The biggest disagreement is in the settlements of Cirkovce, Pongrce and Jablane, .

Milan Unuk from Zgornje Jablan pointed out that farmers were disturbed by many things in the process of acquiring land. They just don't agree with the way the local community works in their case. They summed up their dissatisfaction in a letter addressed to the municipality. Among other things, they point out the lack of communication and poor information about the project.

The municipality hopes that these citizens of Zgornje Jablan will soon realize that this is not only an important municipal but also a regionally key project.

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