Curious Eli

The book takes you to all corners of the world, you can even touch the sky. Reading enriches your sweetheart, who has a lot of knowledge, his worries are smaller. Take your time, read aloud. Travel, explore, bravely venture into the magical world, socialize with

favorite heroes, over and over again. So little is needed, and so much is worth it. I hope Eli will teach you how to spread your wings wide even when you’re scared.


An interesting picture book about a little cow Eli, written in verse, and so a little different from the others.

It is suitable for children whose bedtime stories we read, but of course also for those a little older who are learning to read. The story allows them to travel with Eli, who has a goal in front of him - he wants to find something he has never seen before.

And where will it all go?

On a trip, of course. Maybe at the end of the world.

But where really and with whom?

Read on and go on an interesting journey with her.

But, no matter how nice it is to travel, the most beautiful is definitely at home.

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