Column: Write me a story

Have you ever accepted a challenge just because of your own creativity? Just to prove to yourself that you can? And because you wanted to do something crazy?

Didn't you?

What if I told you that you have the perfect opportunity to do so this time?

You’ll first ask what I want from you, but if you’ve read the title of the column, you know what about it comes to mind.

I created the illustration, and the challenge for you is to write an accompanying story. You’re not limited by the number of words, the form, the theme - well, you’re a little bit with that, but I’m actually convinced that a lot of different stories can be created based on my drawing.

drawing on paperMateja Hočevar2020
drawing on paper
Mateja Hocevar

The only condition I want you to meet is spelling. You may find this extremely unusual, but it is very difficult to read texts without punctuation and basic spelling rules. The web can help you with this lector, although be careful not to be misled by anything.

The deadline for submission is July 26, 7. Send the texts to the address [Email protected], enter "Write me a story" in the subject. From all the submitted stories, we will choose the best one and publish it on our website and reward it with a symbolic gift.

Unleash your creativity on paper and co-create a story with me.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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