Column: Who Blows…

I asked you three weeks ago challenge and because I believe there is someone else among us who would like to write a story, but his time has gone too fast, I am extending the deadline for submission. Submit your stories by September 30, 9.

In today’s column, however, I would like to reveal to you one of my greatest desires, even though I think I have already outgrown at least one of them.

I always wanted to live at sea. Salty air, warm winters, summer refreshment, Mediterranean plants…

But first, my desire stops at all sorts of crawling creatures. Of course, I don't have the illusion that we don't have them, because just tonight a huge, fortunately already dry, spider blew me away. And when I say huge, I mean it really, because it’s shrunken by at least three inches. Well, that's not all, we also have locusts that this younger child even smuggled into the house some time ago. Because the mother does not allow a pet - a dog or a cat, a hamster, a guinea pig, a fish…, he had to think of it himself. Just who is this kid after? I mean, goodbye wit. In my opinion, he certainly doesn't have that.

But still, because there is a biokil, I could probably come to terms with that.

The other thing I finally push the idea of ​​moving to the coast, though, is the bora. Because if I get a cold in the middle of summer so that not even long pants and a jacket help me, it’s perfectly clear that I would most likely freeze in the winter.

This year, during my vacation, I sat on the pier and watched and waited for the perfect wave to be caught in the lens - dressed in long pants and buttoned up to the neck, because for a good photo you just have to be patient. And that's when I wondered what the saying "turn in the wind" is. Not without knowing what it meant, but after the corona spring and the almost corona summer, the river gained a very specific meaning.

I follow some Slovenian and foreign bloggers, influencers and, of course, authors on social networks. It is probably a curse if a person notices the little things that some people leave to their followers during their posts. And I really understand that they can’t know everything they say or write in stories, because after all, it’s just the truth people don’t forget. There are not many of them - namely, those who change their opinion according to the current situation, but I still notice them. Like those who stand strictly behind their words and actions and don’t care if they vomit against the wind.

Let’s be resolute and not let the wind distract us from our plans. Which doesn’t mean we have to turn with the bora, because at the peak of its power, it’s not possible to walk with it or even against it.

Sometimes it’s easier to let it go.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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