Column: What to give to a woman who has everything?

I remember exactly such a birthday card from a few years ago. And I always thought it was impossible to have it all. But I actually realize that this is only the case if you really believe in it.

Do I have everything?

Of course.

Family, house, job, car… Well, I don't have a dog, but I'll never say we'll never have one. Too many times the saying "Sacrificial bread is eaten the most" has laughed in my face.

Anyway, nowadays in the flood of online advertisements and descriptions I notice that many people, not just women, make no mistake, need a proofreader.

Is it really that impossible to put commas in the right place? Or even correct typed words? Even good, old Word fixes quite a few such errors. Of course, it can’t affect something we all know under a small word with great meaning. Ego! The ego is the one that beats us the most, because it is too self-sufficient.

While writing the column and texts, I got to know and befriend the online proofreader very well. Besano, which, believe it or not, finds flaws and occasionally suggests better words to you. You can also right-click to use the same words - not the same ones - with a mouse over the word in Word, where you can find quite a few synonyms.

I know, it’s hard to believe you’re successful and infallible, but the internet has shown that even stupidity knows no bounds. So anything is possible. And anyone can be wrong.

When someone reminds me of mistakes, I am happy to correct them, as I am aware that I am surrounded by people who master grammar better than I do. Otherwise, I’m proud when I don’t make mistakes, but I know I’m not infallible. It is much easier to live if you sometimes ask for help, even if someone only reads what you have written once, as they may be able to give you a better idea of ​​how to formulate sentences to sound right and thus read more fluently.

So if you’re ever in a quandary about what to give a friend (or friend) for a birthday, as she has everything she’s ever wanted - maybe even her own business, a proofreader voucher is always a possible choice.

Everyone is great in their business, but it is right that professionals also do their job.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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