Column: Truth or Dare?

Do you still remember what your parents taught you before you grew into wonderful individuals?

I am. Be kind. Don't answer. Greetings. Heal. Shout older than yourself and your superiors. But at least one is especially dear to me - it always tells the truth.

So, concealing the truth, distorting the facts and evading the answers, is considered almost a lie in our country. In my youth, this seemed the only right thing to do, but nowadays, it seems that everyone can create their own truth. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because they believe everything they say is true or they just don’t have a conscience.

The worst is when someone wants to take credit, even though they are well aware of the real truth. Do we raise children in such a world? Is it right to teach them that lying is unacceptable, but if the biggest liars seem to get along best?

And yes, if it was once considered that truth is a philosophical concept which, according to one definition, means the correspondence of a statement with facts or reality (vir), obviously today there are two - truth and true truth. I don’t know what led to the basic theory of the concept no longer being true. Perhaps the truth is just another piece of paper on which to write the facts, even though we know that it can be destroyed by pure ordinary water. Is it really a challenge to talk about things that actually happen?

I was prompted to think about it by an act that most of us (naively believe I’m not the only one), not even in my dreams, would have expected. Probably the naivety of us - like-minded people - is so very obvious that for people who don't care how many corpses they go through, it seems like an illusion.

They are one such half-truth the first book boxes that have not been available in Slovenia so far. Lack of communication or just ignorance of the real? I know from reliable sources that the title of the first is already occupied. She had everything that book boxes have - a book, an accompanying story, related gifts and useful book trifles. And although she was the only one so far, she was (link).

Finally, a fun conversation that reveals a child’s truth about a lie.

Mom, why are my nails growing?

Um, because of the same thing as hair grows.

Why hair?

Well, for the same reason as you, your nose…

Because of lying ???

Honesty is not something you choose. It is a matter of decision.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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