Column: To the moon and back

It’s not easy if you’re a little superstitious, consequently you don’t read the horoscope and you don’t care if it’s a full moon. Everything has to go according to plan, regardless of the fact that life sends you signals all the time telling you to take a step back, because you can’t stop the flow.

When I woke up yesterday morning, it didn’t strike me that it was Monday and it was time for a new column. It was another day as part of the holiday, when it was only when I looked at the calendar that I clarified whether it was Monday, Thursday, maybe Sunday. But yesterday was not exactly an easy date. He is one of those who stays for life. A date you don’t forget, no matter what, and you don’t care if it’s Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. And so I only knew that on the third of August the child has a check-up at the dentist and I have a diopter check at the ophthalmologist.

It wasn't until evening that I thought, wow, Monday. So even this column is not the one I started writing for yesterday. It may be another time - or not - depending on where the flow of thought takes me.

If things hadn't turned in a direction six years ago that none of us even wanted to, a cake would have been on our table yesterday. A red Mercedes in which I would make all the corrections and knowledge I have gained over the last ten years in designing with ticino mass.

My father wanted to have this car all his life. He wasn’t one of those people who would take credit just to be able to afford it. He respected priorities in life, so he was satisfied with a small car, which had a special place on the shelf in the living room, above the bar. Yes, we had a bar - a cupboard that opened downwards and the children were not allowed to open it by any chance. Of course, when no one was home, we peeked into it to see all those little bottles of dusty alcohol and all sorts of soaked plants for health. There was no shortage of quality whiskey for Sunday visits at the bar. I still remember the smell - of sweet and arnica that this very special cupboard had.

Ten years ago, I made my first for my father’s seventieth birthday ticino cake. It was supposed to be in the shape of a Mercedes, but the similarities to the one on the shelf were not convincing, and the red color was more pink than red, but it counted the purpose.

This year he celebrated his round there somewhere far away. I personally believe they had a whole party in the constellation of Leo and I’m sure the red Mercedes was the central theme of this party.

And no matter where those who are closest to our hearts in life are - let us tell them that we love them to the moon and back.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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