Column: Summer reading!

This time I have arranged something very special for you - an introduction and two chapters from Gabrielle M.'s novel The Ice Image. Since it's vacation time and people just like to read, this is the ideal time for something like that.

A brief description:

Ella Mason is known for her intransigence and lets almost no one into her world. She gave up on men when, at twenty-one, she left a boyfriend she thought was the love of her life. Maybe it really would have stayed that way if the dark-eyed abstract painter Mattia hadn’t crossed her path. She is an ice queen for him, but she is a challenge in her own way.

How long will Elli manage to defend the ice kingdom and what will happen if she falls in love again?

Are you interested?

However, if you want to find out how the story gets complicated and ends, you can borrow the book from libraries across Slovenia, but they also have it at bookshelf in London.

Love is at hand, we just have to believe in it.
Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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