Column: The masks will fall

I have found it almost impossible not to talk about this topic. But not because I don't know how I would like to, but nowadays so many words are dedicated to everything that revolves around masks that it is simply impossible to avoid this topic.

I understand everyone and everyone who has their own opinion, but at certain moments it is very appropriate to put personal opinion on the sidelines. Can you imagine that I, who believe in reincarnation, would kill myself and go on a new path with every failure? Possible? Sure it is, but to be honest, I can’t imagine it. Because firstly, I believe that we learn something from mistakes, and secondly, that sometimes it is also necessary to submit.

That is why, at this moment, every teacher, professor and, last but not least, educator should be a representative of something we call a model in one word. When I listen to the things that some of my colleagues in institutions in Slovenia do, from not wearing masks to self-talk about the harmfulness of them, I wonder how many of them work at home because of their belief that toothpaste is harmful your own. And which, due to the harmfulness of mobile devices, does not have its own mobile phone. And… I could go on and on, I would find quite a few examples, but I will let everyone take the free path with their imagination.

And if I continue, I’ve been struggling with pressure in my head for a month now, and my voice is so charmingly hoarse that they would definitely take me to work on some radio. But the most unusual thing about it all is that most haven’t noticed this at all until this week. Why? Maybe because I struggle with the same allergies every fall and spring. In the worst form, I am left without even smell and taste. Disaster! Can you imagine this happening to me right this year? Instead of an allergy emergency, she should most likely take a Covid test. But if that happens, I will of course suffer it. I know brave little kids who were exposed to the test and passed it. So if they could, so can I.

And children are the ones we need to be brave about. And adults.

Who did you listen to when you were little? Older, of course. And if someone at the time told us that imitating a frog is fine for vocal cords, we would do it if we wanted to sing in a choir. Would anyone tell us that we are sheep because of this? I think the answer is crystal clear to all of us.

I said I understand all people with my own opinion and I really understand them. Because I believe in freedom of speech and ZKP (common sense). However, I do not understand the fact that bachelor parties, weddings, round anniversaries are still held in large numbers and, of course, indoors, where there is no shortage of people from risk groups (pregnant women, the elderly…). All of us who have ever been to one of these things know that distance is no longer important to anyone in the morning, and even if you take your glass off the table, no - only plastic glasses are signed at children's parties, but there (in principle) ) none of the children drink.

I appreciate those who have given up on this this year. And today, on the way home from work, something else struck me. My friend will turn around a few years old, twice a quarter of a century, to be more precise. She decided to celebrate her birthday next year when and if conditions allowed. I fully support her, and best of all - she will be in good shape for at least half a year. And let someone else say that this is not the best reason of all time.

However, it is much clearer to me why some people hide their positivity to the latest virus. Raja treats them as if they have an incurable disease reminiscent of the times from the plague period. Some even go so far as to harass people, believing that, due to an alleged contact on a five-thousand-square-foot outdoor playground, they are harmful to themselves and their surroundings. Sadly true, but I think we should be more human and ask ourselves if we can help someone who is quarantined or someone who is positive. Maybe by placing a bag of basic groceries in front of his door or, last but not least, with a conversation, as he sometimes does. Just who doesn’t remember marathon phone conversations in their teens when the last five minutes were read in the style of ‘Put it off’, ‘No, you put it off’.

Am I afraid of getting sick? Yes, I admit. Especially now that I’m plagued by this buckwheat allergy, which I can’t avoid. But the fact is that anyone can get sick, anytime, anywhere - and that's why he's not a bad person yet.

Am I wearing a mask? Yes. And I will continue to wear it, no matter what kind of sheep they have me for. But if a man is a little superstitious, the matter is all the more simple.

Let's stay healthy. All those who have come across you, I hope you have someone to chat with, because it is social contact that helps us get through even the most demanding moments. And remember, you don’t have medieval plague, just Covid.

Last but not least, I share with you another of the wisdoms that I am convinced of - hyenas fall off masks much faster.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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