Column: Love at home

Today is the last Monday in 2020. A year that has taught us a lot of things.

So it should be the last ponphobic Monday of this year, but it is not. He is not ponphobic.

Today is a really casual day.

Am I aware of it? No way. At half past six in the morning, I was awakened by the rattling of the windows and the shaking of the bed. What more than that, thankfully, wasn’t. It didn't throw me upright, but another hour of sleep would really suit me.

Then my day turned out just like that, without any major surprises. I even seemed to be watching him from afar. As if she weren’t present at the time, but watching him from the outside. I wouldn’t exactly say I was melancholic, but rather unusually lazy.

A friend told me how great it is because we have a vacation. Of course it's great, I don't deny it, but I don't really feel that I'm really free. Because I'm home all the time. Usually, a vacation means a break from work and activities, but this time the office is still here.

But in fact - if I think about it, home is the most beautiful thing.

Children playing with a New Year's decorated Christmas tree…

Peace and warmth that emanates from the fireplace…

Baking cookies and preparing fragrant dishes…

The reality, however, is that our tree this year is more of a pine than a fir. The children have been arguing for three quarters of the time about - we haven't lit a fireplace in a month because it's too hot, I had a good intention of baking the cookies again today, but the laziness of the day slowed me down a lot.

But the most important thing is that we love each other. That our home is warm even without a romantic fire and the most perfect Caucasian fir. To play a storytelling game with the children next to the cards, one of which is on a condom and then the younger one, of course, can't get past the question of what it's used for.

Anyway, it may be a cliché, but it really holds true - home is where the heart is. And where there is a heart, it smells like cookies even when they have been baked for a long time. It's warm just like that, or we squeeze together under the blanket on the couch.

In the new year, I wish you as much real vacation as possible, when you will not be chased by the office and, above all, it should be different.

Of course - better different.

Artistic greeting. Mateja Hocevar

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